Ouray Gothic

Harold Joe Waldrum in Ouray Colorado

Ouray Colorado, Mineral Farm, 1967.
L-R: Jeanne Kretschmer, Harold Joe Waldrum, John Kretschmer, Whitt Waldrum, Krickit Kretschmer, Mib Waldrum.
Photo: Herman Kretschmer.
Location: Colorado, Ouray / Tags: , ,


  1. Where is Whitt Waldrum today? I believe he is the same Whitt Waldrum that was in Korea in 1962 where we were friends in the U S Army Security Agency. Bill Buffaloe 252 327-8877 Greenville NC

    • Bill, thanks for the inquiry. Same Whitt Waldrum, for sure. I sent you a message via email on April 3, if you haven’t received it or can’t find it, let me know.

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