Photo Album

Savoy 1968

School Days – Savoy 1940-41

Harold Joe Waldrum school portrait 1940-41

Fort Hays State University

Storm Warning

Ouray Gothic

Harold Joe Waldrum in Ouray Colorado

“Flowers” – Polaroids at Gerald Peters Gallery

Poppy, an SX-70 polaroid by Harold Joe Waldrum

H. Joe Waldrum: Prints & New Paintings

Study for La Sombra Diagonal - Wiford & Vogt Fine Art, August 2003

High School Graduation Portrait – 1952

Joseph Sharp Studio, 1984

Harold Joe Waldrum in the Sharp Studio, Taos NM, by Steve Northup

Waldrum / Newmann at Tomlinson Gallery

Waldrum & Newmann at Bob Tomlinson Gallery

Honor Students

Gusano / San Ysidro

Gusano - an early painting by Harold Joe Waldrum

Harold Waldrum and Alton Foster

San Ysidro Sur

Harold Joe Driving, Sister Linda in the Back Seat

Harold Joe Driving, Linda in the Back Seat

Photos by Charles R. Rushton

Harold Joe Waldrum at his ranch on Ladron Mountain

An Exhibition of Etchings: Throckmorton Fine Art

Harold & Ruth, 1935

Ruth Patillo Waldrum age 20, Harold Joe Waldrum 6 months old

The Vatican at the Nash House

Harold Joe Waldrum in the Vatican

1955: Waldrum & Band Director Robert Hawkins

WSU Marching Band 1955

Columbus, New Mexico

gravesite of Harold Joe Waldrum

“The Churches” – Tally Richards, 1982

Harold Joe Waldrum show at Tally Richards Gallery, 1982

LHS Marching Band on the Home Field

Lakin High School Marching Band on the LHS Football Field circa 1968

The Courtyard at the Nash House

Harold Joe Waldrum + Ansel Adams

Harold Joe Waldrum with Ansel Adams in "Napa Valley Collects" exhibition

Harold, Whitt, and Linda

Harold Joe Waldrum, Whitt Waldrum, and little Linda Waldrum

New Paintings – Gerald Peters Gallery

La capilla de sangre de cristo en Cuartalez

Texas Hill Country

Taos Today: A Survey

Harold Joe Waldrum, "Las Trampas," 24x24" acrylic on canvas, 1982

One-Third of an Early Waldrum Painting

early 1960s commissioned painting

Shooting Video at Picuris Pueblo

Harold Joe Waldrum videoing the interior of a church in northern New Mexico

Mib, Linda, Ruth & Charles

Harold Joe Waldrum's parents and two of his siblings

Best Dressed Guy at WSU

Harold Joe Waldrum as a teenager

Selections from the Estate of Harold Joe Waldrum

Adumbración, 34 x 34" acrylic on canvas, 1982, Harold Joe Waldrum

Video: RC Gorman, Navajo Artist

Still from the Heese / Waldrum Studios video on artist R.C. Gorman

Waldrum with Windows

Harold Joe Waldrum with Windows, Baton & Chair

Masterpieces of the American West

H. Joe Waldrum: Aquatints and Linocuts

H. Joe Waldrum at Munson Gallery 1993

Puertas y Ventanas

puertas y ventanas

LHS Marching Band in Motion

Lakin High School Marching Band in motion

Tally Richards, 1984

The Etchings and Concomitant Pieces, Tally Richards and Harold Joe Waldrum

Mr. Waldrum with His Peugot

Harold Joe Waldrum and his light blue Peugot outside Lakin High School in the 1960s

Zaplin Lampert Show December 2011

Harold Joe Waldrum show at Zaplin Lampert Gallery, December 2012

Contemporary Art Gallery Show

“Me and My Convertable” [sic]

Milburn Whitt Waldrum

Milburn Whitt Waldrum at age 21

Family Picnic in Ouray

Harold Joe Waldrum & Mary Driver in Ouray

The Gunfight Story

“New Mexico From New York” 1979

Marion C, 1979 - window painting by Harold Joe Waldrum

Joseph Sharp Studio, Taos

The Harvey Wallbanger Era

Harvey Wallbangers then a Photo Shoot

Stafford Faculty Portrait

LHS Homecoming Dance

Mrs. O'Connor, Stanley Plummer and Harold Waldrum at Lakin High School Homecoming

Mib, Harold Joe, Ducati

Harold Joe with his dad and his Ducati motorcycle

Drum Major

Ladron Mountain Ranch

1935 or 1936

Concert Band at LHS

Conducting Lakin High Concert Band

At the Laphams in San Antonio

Letter Home from Washington DC

Boy Scout Trip to Washington DC - 1950

I’ll Be Played By Brando

Harold Joe Waldrum circa 2001

Llano Quemado, 1985

Harold Joe Waldrum in Llano Quemado, 1985

1991 Show at Channing Dale Throckmorton

Harold Joe Waldrum at Channing Dale Throckmorton, Santa Fe, 1991

Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel - handwritten music by Harold Joe Waldrum

First Catalogue Cover: Harold Waldrum

Harold Joe Waldrum catalogue cover

7th Red Door, 1962

Harold Joe Waldrum at the 7th Red Door

Strathmore Hills

Waldrums in Strathmore Hills / Colorado Springs